The Role of Jib Cranes in Automotive and Motorcycle Industry

Jib cranes are used in wide range of applications for a variety of purposes. It is one of the most versatile lifting equipment available today. It is a very powerful machine capable of lifting several tons of materials. Having a simple mechanical design, jib cranes are compact when compared to other heavy-duty cranes but no less useful.
Automotive and motorcycle manufacturers must meet very demanding production schedules. This industry makes use of cranes from the assembly line to warehouses. Let’s examine the role of jib cranes in automotive and motorcycle industry.
#1 Relocating objects and materials
The primary objective of jibs cranes is moving objects and materials from one location to another. Jib cranes have a 360-degree motion which makes relocation easier and faster. They are ideal for the movement of loads in a circular area.
Jib cranes are capable of transporting, turning, pivoting, and lifting loads in a highly precise manner throughout the assembly process in automotive and motorcycle industry. They are widely used in handling press tools for vehicle body parts and molding tools in the production of plastic parts.
Jib cranes are generally categorized as wall-mounted and floor-mounted. Floor-mounted Jib cranes are fixed to a support base and the wall-mounted variety is affixed to a wall or structural support. Wall mounted Jib cranes offer the best lifting solution while working in tight areas.
#2 Perform lifting tasks
Jib cranes are designed to give the best performance in various lifting applications. Jib cranes are designed like an arm. For lifting, jib cranes have a hoist that is attached to the arm. This hoist can be moved along the arm.
During the production process of automotive and motorcycle industry, Wall Jib cranes are used for lifting light-weight parts. Column Jib cranes are employed for lifting medium-weight parts during automobile production process. Jib cranes are capable of lifting objects of 500 kg to 20 ton. Jib craneequipped with electric chain hoist is an optimal production line lifting solution.
#3 Boost productivity with fast operation
The automotive and motorcycle industry relies on the dependability of cranes for the smooth functioning of theirhigh-speed production line. Any problem with the crane will affect the whole production line. Jib cranes are quite low-maintenance and very durable in nature. They can be depended on to do their jobs quickly and efficiently. Shorter development and production time can be achieved using Jib cranes.
Jib cranes can be installed very quickly. They can also be relocated very easily. Installation cost and production downtime due to relocation can be greatly reduced by using Jib Cranes in automotive and motorcycle industry.
Jib cranes are portable and can be moved around using a forklift. They can be employed for doing multiple tasks within a workshop.
Jib cranes vastly reduce human effort. Because of their operational ease, almost anybody in the workshop can operate the Jib cranes without any special training. Time, money and manpower can be saved using Jib cranes.
#4 Provide increased safety
Automotive and motorcycle industry prefer the use of Jib cranes as they provide increased safety. Jib cranes have on/off switches. This is to ensure that the horizontal shifting of the jib is fast and safe. The horizontal boom of jib cranes is always accurately aligned to avoid any kind of unexpected movement during the operation of the jib. Any risk of injury is eliminated because of this.
Jib cranes are developed with high precision and undergo many quality tests. They are one of the safest and reliable lifting equipment for automotive and motorcycle industry.
#5 Customized solutions
Jib crane manufacturers design and build their cranes to suit the specific requirements of an industry. This makes Jib cranes a popular choice for automotive and motorcycle industry.The infrastructure limitations of manufacturing stations of the automotive industry are no longer a cause for concern as they can be adjusted according to the facility.
For automotive and motorcycle industry, special cranes are designed for catering to non-standard requirements like stamping, coil handling, and assembly.
#6 Support larger cranes
Automotive manufacture industry requires the movement of its products from station to station. They usually rely on overhead cranes for this purpose. Jib cranes are used together with larger cranes to support them. Jib cranes are mainly used for lifting vehicle bodies and pulling engines. Once the task is completed, the jib cranes can be easily folded and moved. Any interruption to workflow can be avoided by this.
Jib cranes provide a high return on investment and are ideal for all moving and lifting tasks in automotive and motorcycle industry.